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You have just finished watching Malaysian new member only movie, A very Good Marriage, starring Suzy Khimm and Kim Han-gook. You have been invited to watch a local movie in a local movie theater, along with other people from your home town. As you enter the movie theater, the projector screen shows your movie ticket, and the movie starts. The projector stops.

The actual projector screen doesn’t show the video anymore. Everyone around you is now watching a television screen that was previously at the movie theater.

Some sound effects are still playing, but most of them seem to be either fuzzy or broken. Then, it appears to happen for the first time that there is no connection between the video and the projector screen.

What happened is that when you were watching the movie, the projector’s screen only showed the first half of the movie, and then the screen went black. But, as you were watching it, the projector screen that wasn’t there before showing only the second half of the movie. The screen that were there before also showed the movie in its full length, but the screen behind it weren’t able to display it.

This film was played by a family. It was an action movie with lots of action scenes. But, when it was the time of its time, it seemed to get very annoying.

Your question should be “Who’s In The House”. For you, as a Malaysian new member only to A very Good Marriage, maybe the projector screen wasn’t connected properly with the actual video board. After all, it was the real video in your mind and not the video on the video board.

You shouldn’t watch movies at local movie theaters. They will only display the partial video, without the full video. You may have seen other people being sent to an actual movie theater when they get a call from their employer, asking them to come to the movie theater. Of course, they didn’t really go.

You can always take a walk down to the street. It seems that the street is the place where the truth will always come out. At any rate, in Malaysia new member only to A very Good Marriage, what happens next? You may ask.

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